Hoping for a better year.

Last yeas was a very bad year for us, too many unexpected events had happened to me and my family. But we’ve survived it and are mentally stronger than ever to navigate through life.

It’s starting of a new year and I hope that this year will be a better year for all of us. I also wish all of you happiness, good health and wealth the entire year of the Horse.


5 thoughts on “Hoping for a better year.

  1. I haven’t read anything by eitehr John Green or David Levithan. I see their names all over the place but have never tried any of their books. I love the idea of this book. The title really jumps at you. Best YA books of 2011 is a huge accolade. Will give this a try.

  2. Damn that sucks. wasn’t that good for us either.
    Wish you a much better new year!

    BTW: EQ is better lately.

  3. Cn1: Mj anonymous Stephanie and Linh visiting
    Cn2: Rebecca Christina n Lynn
    Eq: Lynn n Gabby

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