jenkins pipeline combine

env.ECR = ‘’ env.ECR_URL = “https://” + env.ECR env.P4V_IMAGE = ‘broadcom/perforce:latest’ env.P4V_ECR_IMAGE = env.ECR + “/” + env.P4V_IMAGE env.BRANCH = params.P4BRANCH env.CHANGELIST = params.CHANGELIST env.CUSTOMER = params.CUSTOMER env.PLATFORM = params.PLATFORM env.TOOLCHAIN = params.TOOLCHAIN env.MAKECOMMAND = params.MAKECOMMAND CHANGELIST.trim() TOOLCHAIN.trim() CUSTOMER.trim() MAKECOMMAND.trim() def BUILD_ID = env.BUILD_ID def P4BRANCH_WOUT_DOTS = P4BRANCH.replace(‘/…’,””) def GLL_VERSION = “” def VERSTION_STRING =Read More

Fix: Windows Error 0x80070718

Fix: Windows Error 0x80070718: Not enough quota is available to process this command  Related to visual studio 2012 on AWS windows server 2012 This unhelpful message appeared on my computer today when moving some files. I run Active Directory and Roaming Profiles so my first thought was if I’d set a user disk quota, howeverRead More

Golf: CC cup 2016

It was a great hornour for me to represent NorCal Vietnamese Golf Association to play in this year’s CC cup at Omni La Costa GC. I’ve had a great time playing golf and to be around with all other golfers. I played well and was able to earn 1.5 points for our club (team won;Read More

macOsx: coverity

#make sure that csrutil is disable csrutil status csrutil disable #configure cov-configure –template –compiler clang –comptype clangcc

macOsx: mount a window’s share on mac

1.sudo vi /etc/auto_master Add the following line to the bottom: – auto_smb Save, exit vi, and create a new file for your samba connections like so: 2.sudo vi /etc/auto_smb Add the shares you would like to mount, one per line, in this format to the newlly created file: /Users/username/mount -fstype=smbfs,soft ://user:password@server/share In the above, theRead More

cygwin remote ssh

Install the following Cygwin packages (rerun setup if necessary — you can add packages after you have already installed Cygwin). Admin –> cygrunsrv Net –> openssh Open a new bash shell window and run the SSH configure stuff. ssh-host-config -y This step will create necessary configuration files, a priviledge separation user and necessary directories. WhenRead More

mac – doxygen

Install Hombrew and few more for oxygen ruby -e “$(curl” brew doctor brew install gdlib brew install doxygen –with-dot –with-libclang cd /tmp curl -O tar xvzf mscgen-src-0.20.tar.gz Build mscgen: cd mscgen-0.20/ echo $PATH export PATH=$PATH:/opt/pkgconfig/bin ./configure brew install libgd ./configure make make check sudo make install Install graphviz: brew install graphviz