BoSox is going to win…

the world Series’s series… Did you see how suck the Cardinals were playing last night.? They need to play better baseball to have a chance to make the series to go to game 5.

And this site is here to stay forever, i am talking to you the coffee shop’s owners.

God of the site.

Quán Nhậu Ngon

Here is Mr. Nguyen’s list of the San Jose Vietnamese Bars (quan nhau). Viet bars are a great compliment to the Viet cafes especially considering the café scene is not as good at night as it is during the day. Viet bars provide great night time entertainment. The San Jose scene is probably the bestRead More

:: Exotic Quán Nhậu

Ngu Long 301 N. Jackson Ave. San Jose, CA 95133 Ngu Long, which means Five Sisters (literally Five Dragons), is one of the best Viet bars in San Jose. It is the only non-smoking Viet bar in existence. Venue is really nice and spacious, food is good, and music is more of what I likeRead More

:: Traditional Quán Nhậu

Rather than reviewing each one individually, I’ve just listed the top 5 since traditional Viet bars are all the same really. They offer great food and drinks served by fobby and non-fobby waitresses, karaoke, music, and a good place to chill. All traditional Viet bars allow smoking unfortunately. Co La 947 McLaughlin Ave. San Jose,Read More


I am taking off of work early today, b/c i have a t-time around noon @The Villages GC. I am going to shoot 80 at this course or you’ll never hear me talking about golf any more :-). Have a good weekend every one!